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Hello, je suis enfin en vacances, YAAAY ! J’ai donc fait deux petits tableaux pour vous montrer mes inspirations du moment/ wishlist / favs. Je pars dimanche pour un voyage surprise #birthday, j’ai tellement hâte ! Hi, I’m finally in holidays ! I’ve put my current inspirations and I’m really excited because I left sunday for a surprise travel! lot of love

01 / notebooks

I’m always looking for artjournal where I can write, draw, paste

02 / large pant

I want for a very very long time this style of pant ♥

03 / street photo

I always been very inspired by street photographers such as Doisneau, Capa… I’m literally in love discovering their pics and go on their exhibitions.

04 / Nike AM95 OG

I think these shoes are so gorgeous, but when I see the price I cry (pic: julinfinity)

Et vous, quels sont vos inspirations du moment ? What’s your current favorites ?

 ♥ On se retrouve là bas !

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