“Il n’est pas d’art vrai sans une forte dose de banalité. Celui qui use de l’insolite d’une manière constante lasse vite, rien n’étant plus insupportable que l’uniformité de l’exceptionnel.” Cioran

What do you think about my pics ?

 ♥ On se retrouve là bas !

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10 Replies to “solenne”

  1. la citation ++

    1. je trouvais que ça allait bien avec les photos, et puis c’est vrai !

  2. la quatrième photo est sublime!!!!!!

    1. Merci beaucoup !!

  3. Le shooting est très réussi

  4. I try it in English, my french is terrible. Although I’ve learnt it some years in school….
    Your photos are beautiful, very personal and natural. I like no 6 a bit more with the hair and hand in front of the face. But I would have cut the picture at the top a little.
    The last one ist beautiful too (although I do not like cigarette photos so much.)
    Here I think you’ve photographed a little from the top obliquely down, not on the same level and the girl is too far left. It could be at the right edge of the picture, the bag a little cut off, the edge up slightly less.
    Just a few thoughts of a hobby photographer of another generation. 😉
    The series itself is beautiful and you should consider it also in the whole.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

    1. thank you for your remarks ! glad you like it even if i gotta improve my skills ahah, have a nice day !

      1. Same here… he have to improve our skills every day.
        Bon week-end!